26 year old photographer from Hobart, Tasmania. Feel free to say hi :)

Sanguine Temperament
  • Person talking about someone else’s photography : ”Oh do you know such-and-such? He’s such a talented photographer. His photos are amazing!”

    Me : *grumble grumble* *I wish someone would think that about me*

    Person talking about my photography : “These are fantastic! You’re so talented!

    Me : *Bullshit these are fucking rubbish you have no idea what you’re talking about*

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  • Hi! This one time I sat out in the river at a table for a photoshoot a friend came up with. It was winter and it was freezing, but heaps of fun!

    Also people should send me asks. I’m keen to make new tumblr friends and have a chat with strangers :)

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  • An abandoned pool in Hobart, Tasmania.

    I actually learned to swim here, I may have mentioned this when I posted these pictures earlier. It’s a pretty cool space that I should photograph a bit more, because it’ll be gone before too long. There’s plans to demolish it and build apartments :(

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  • So the latest issue of Aphra Magazine came out the other day! I’m usually too busy, stressed, and depressed to mention anything about it, but this month is different!

    As I may have mentioned before, I quit my full time job about a month ago, which makes this the first issue launch I haven’t been working during. It was a completely different experience with barely any stress involved - apart from the selection of this cover image!

    Aphra goes live every month on the 20th, but by the evening of the 19th we still didn’t have a cover photo. I’d done a shoot earlier that day, but the photos we got weren’t right for a cover, which left issue 17 somewhat in the lurch. After a bit of freaking out, and a couple of wines, I submitted some of my unpublished work, and the above photo was selected!

    I’m really quite pleased with how it all worked out. This shot is actually one of my favourite images I’ve ever produced, as it represents a style of photography I’m desperate to continue and develop, but that I rarely get the chance to practice.

    I actually recall the moment I took this photo. It was at the 2013 Falls Festival, early on the second day. I was already exhausted from the previous day’s activities, and was on my way back to the campsite to recover a bit. As I was about half-way between the main stage and the food stalls, I spotted this totally rad girl walking in the opposite direction. I wearily swung my camera up and had time to bust off just one shot before she’d passed me by. Thankfully all my settings were ok and I managed to get focus on her! 

    It’s kinda funny how you can go to a lot of effort trying to get a really great shot you envisage, and not really succeeding, and then you can fire off one chance shot that you fall in love with.

    Yay photography!

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